Work Examples for Vickie Paynter-Finney


I help oversee over 500 websites and content feeds on multiple versions Kentico CMS.


Advocare Doctors

  • Managed overall architecture of templates and parent/child sites
  • Deployed over 100 sites in 6 months
  • Developed a mapping and search functionality of all locations and providers

Advanced Pediatric Associates

At RemedyConnect, I mainly oversee the architecture, and help in trouble spots with the web designers, but this site I actually built out completely.

  • Includes: responsive site, secure forms, multiple slideshows, carousels, all dynamic navigation


Custom Modules

To help manage the over 300 custom websites and roughly 30 new websites always in development, we customized Kentico CMS with a design process to help streamline our communication with our clients without sacrificing the personal interaction. The design "steps" and "features" are data driven and flexible to add to and move around. We had different steps for different project types.

It looks something like this:


Also, includes some project management reports and time tracking.

YourPractice Mobile App

Look in ITunes for YourPractice by RemedyConnect. The app lists all our practices that have purchased this feature. Each practice has a unique look and feel and content that is driven from an XML feed on the Kentico CMS.


Moore Leadership

Built a question engine in .NET C# where users are given a unique code and take an assessment. Questions are stored in the database for different assessments. Results are calculated and clients can aggregate and compare results. Each user gets a generated PDF with their results. Am currently working on a mobile app for this.


Hardin House

This is another website done in Kentico CMS. I did the design and build out on this site. It is a relatively simple site. They utilize some secure features and publish dates for applications and contracts. We used custom page types to manage the different houses, room types, and pricing to be displayed on the site.